We are excited to bring a quality group of autograph guests to the first ever Rose City Showcase.  To purchase autograph tickets ahead of time, please click the link at the end of each person's bio.

All guests & times are subject to change, please continue to check back for the most current information & signing schedules.


We are excited to have the high flying Sharpe join us for his first ever public signing in the Portland metro area.  Shaedon's autograph tickets are limited to 150 autographs & only 25 inscription tickets.

Pricing information for Sheadon Sharpe is as follows:

Your items:  $80 per item
*Mr. Sharpe reserves the right to refuse to sign any item*

Inscription Ticket:  $30 per inscription
*Limited to 4 words
*Limit of 2 inscriptions per item
*No inscriptions allowed on items that have been signed previously by Mr. Sharpe
**Please note that each inscription requires it's own ticket**

To purchase autograph or inscription tickets, please click HERE: