Where Did The Idea For the Sweet 16 Come From?

With the popularity of the scholastic viewing period event, the Section7, we decided that a similar invite only event for players & programs in the Pacific Northwest was a must!

Wait, October 8th & 9th, Don't You Already Run a Big Juco Event Then?

Yes!  We anticipate having around 30 junior college & prep school teams from around the northwest compete this October.  We decided to combine with our already popular NW Juco Jamboree to make sure that the maximum number of college coaches would be in attendance to watch & evaluate your players.  No other scholastic team event in the northwest will have as many eyes on your players as the Pure Focus Sports Sweet 16. 

Is the venue really big enough for all of this stuff at the same time?

If you have ever been to the NW Sportshub, you know the answer to that question is absolutely!  With 12 full courts, there is more than enough room to handle multiple events like we are proposing.  In addition, there are numerous nearby options for additional gyms if the need arises.

How Does My Program Get To Play??

The Sweet 16 is completely an invite only event!  We want the best high school programs & players that the northwest has to offer competing on a very big stage.  We've extended invitations to nearly 60 high school teams from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Utah, & British Columbia.  If we missed your team, please send us a note & let us know why you should be considered!  Our email is ryan@pfsports.net

Do We Have To Play For Our High School Teams?

Yep.  There are plenty of chances for college coaches to evaluate prospects in a club or aau setting.  And while those types of situations certainly have their place & value, there just aren't enough chances for players to show what they can do with the framework of their high school programs.  It's our belief that college coaches LOVE to evaluate kids playing on their high school team against other really good HS teams.  The Sweet 16 creates that opportunity!

What's the Elam Ending?

If you're a hoop fan, you've probably seen the popular The Basketball Tournament (www.thetournament.com) that takes place every summer.  It's a $2 million winner take all tournament that features many of the best non NBA players in the world.  Anyway, every game in that tournament uses the Elam Ending.  The short version is that it's a way to decide the game on the court without the typical parade to the free throw line.  The game is decided by the winning team actually scoring the final points of the game! You can see more specifics on the Elam Ending by checking out this link