Elevate Your Team's OffSeason with DPI: The D3 Player Institute (DPI) offers a unique blend of elite training, character development, and community engagement, tailored specifically for NCAA Division III basketball players.

Elevate Your Role in Player Development with DPI: The D3 Player Institute (DPI) is designed to complement your dedication to nurturing well-rounded athletes. By integrating DPI into your off-season strategy, you can significantly enhance player growth and take a proactive step in supporting your head coach's vision.

What Does It Look Like For Guys Who Attend:
  • Structured Yet Dynamic: From morning to evening, DPI offers a blend of intensive on-court training, character development workshops, and career networking activities.
  • Guided by Experts: Sessions are led by trainers with NBA and collegiate coaching experience, ensuring top-tier skill enhancement and strategic development.
  • Focus Transferable Skills: We emphasize both skill enhancement and personal character development not just for the guys in attendance, but will send them back to your program with toolkits to help them share with teammates on and off the court.

Why DPI is the Ideal Choice for Your Players:
  • Expert-Led Training: DPI's on-court sessions are conducted by trainers with NBA and collegiate coaching experience, focusing on individual skills, Small Sided Games (SSG), and 5-on-5 play.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond basketball, DPI includes daily character development sessions with Teams Of Men and career-focused workshops led by guest speakers.
  • Community Connection: Players will have the opportunity to lead a youth hoops clinic, enhancing their leadership skills and community involvement.